Puppy Classes in person or online

The Puppy Course is a 7-week course for puppies under 20 weeks at the start of the course. The maximum number of puppies in a class is 6 to provide the best learning environment and ensure progress. The course is Life Skills based and will teach you to train your puppy to; make the right choices in all situations, acquire foundation skills such as frustration tolerance, impulse control, focus and connection and listening. You and your puppy will learn loose lead walking, leave it, Recall, food manners, sit, stand and down, settle, controlled games, welfare checks and handling and on and off lead social interaction. You will learn about canine communication, how to read and respond to your puppy, how to get the behaviour you want by knowing how your puppy’s brain works and the importance of your puppy’s emotional welfare to your relationship with him.

One to one Puppy Package in person or online

This is 4 x 45 minute one to one sessions in your home teaching you how to train your puppy in foundation behaviours, leave it, loose lead walking, food manners, settle, sit, stand and down, controlled games, recall. The sessions also deal with crate training, sleeping, feeding and toileting. The one-to-one puppy sessions are for puppies aged under 20 weeks before the first session.

One to one sessions in person or online

These sessions can be a single session or in a 3-session package. They are to look at ways of training another behaviour in place of an unwanted one. We look at what’s driving the behaviour and how to fulfill that need in another, appropriate way. Barking, jumping up, stealing food, not giving items up and pulling on the lead are typical behaviours that might be dealt with in a one-to-one session.


Perfect Partners

This is an 8-week course for dogs over the age of 20 weeks, maximum 6 dogs in a class. It is based on the kennel club good citizen scheme and there is an independent assessment in week 8. The course will teach you to train your dog to walk on a loose lead around distractions, enter and exit a vehicle calmly, sit and wait, recall from distractions, be calm around food, make polite greetings, be calm when examined and have gate/door manners.  The handler will learn the necessary care and responsibility requirements of dog ownership as well as the legal requirements. The course has 2 Standards and Standard 2 can be accessed when Standard 1 has been successfully completed.

Scent Work

This is a 5-week course, maximum 6 dogs. You will learn about your dog’s olfactory system, what happens in your dog’s brain when it sniffs and scents and how to handle your dog for a search. You will be amazed at the proficiency of your dog to locate and discriminate scent. The course includes a vehicle and person search.

Games Course

The Games Course is a 5-week course for any age dog. Maximum 6 dogs per class. The games you will learn will build impulse control, stillness, focus and connection in your dog.  They will be fun and give your dog a thorough mental workout (and most likely you as well).  By the end of the course, you will have a great selection of games that you can pay at home for fun and to teach executive functioning skills. The games will improve your skills as a handler and strengthen your relationship with your dog. It’s a fast, fun course!