My name is Diane Parry and I have owned and been responsible for dogs for the last 40 years. Over the last 25 years I have trained my own and other owner’s dogs in basic skills, show ring training and working in the field. I have undertaken group and one to one training. I established Leiborschy Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas in 1996 and show, breed and have a very keen interest in early puppy development: Get it right there and the rest should follow. I have been fortunate to have had major success in the show ring including Crufts. I judge and award Challenge Certificates in my breed as well as judging other HPR breeds. I have always ensured that I updated my skills and have taken a broad view of dog training but ultimately have my own view of the handler and dog relationship, which I see as a partnership.

In March 2017, I read about an amazing concept that perfectly fitted what I had been striving for: Life Skills for Puppies.  Based on reliable, trustworthy science, this concept came out of the renowned Lincoln University and I was fortunate enough to complete the Life Skills for Puppies Training for Trainers Course in July 2017. I was taught by the developers of the course Dr Helen Zulch and Professor Daniel Mills, leading Veterinary Behaviourists. Finally, I had found a method that gives puppies the skills they need to live in the real world, skills to make the right choices, skills to reduce stress and tension. Just at the time I finished the training I had bred a puppy of the right age to commence Life Skills for Puppies training. Poppy and I embarked on Life Skills from an owner’s perspective and it was a revelation and I have no doubt a seminal moment in my dog career. Finally, I had found a method that resonated with me and how I view training. I am now passionate about introducing others to this amazing concept: one that works, gently and reliably and stays with your dog throughout their lives. In October 2018 Talking Tails was born. In 2019 I was awarded, with Distinction, The Practical Application of Teaching People and Training Dogs (Cert TPTD Dist) from WaggaWuffins Canine College. I was taught by the course writers Jane Ardern and Belinda Melvin. The course included 6 weekend long assessed practical assesments at WaggaWuffins as well as months of academic assignments. I continually update and expand my skills with Continuous Professional Development with online and in person courses, seminars and workshops and Canine First Aid and CPR and have recently studied for a qualification in Recognising Stress (in humans).