My name is Diane Parry and I have owned and been responsible for dogs for the last 40 years. Over the last 20 years I have trained my own and other owner’s dogs in basic skills, show ring training and working in the field. I have undertaken group and one to one training . I established Leiborschy Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas in 1996 and show, breed and have a very keen interest in early puppy development: Get it right there and the rest should follow. I have been fortunate to have had major success in the show ring including Crufts. I judge and  award Challenge Certificates in my breed as well as judging other HPR breeds.

I have always ensured that I updated my skills and have taken a broad view of dog training but ultimately have my own view of the handler and dog relationship, which I see as a partnership. In March 2017, I read about an amazing concept that perfectly fitted what I’d been striving for: Life Skills for Puppies.  Based on reliable, trustworthy science, this concept came out of the renowned Lincoln University and I was fortunate enough to complete the Life Skills for Puppies Training for Trainers Course in July 2017. I was taught by the developers of the course Dr Helen Zulch and Professor Daniel Mills, leading Veterinary Behaviourists. Finally I had found a method that gives puppies the skills they need to live in the real world, skills to make the right choices, skills to reduce stress and tension.Just at the time I finished the training I had bred a puppy of the right age to commence Life Skills for Puppies training. Poppy and I embarked on Life Skills from an owner’s perspective and it was a revelation and I have no doubt a seminal moment in my dog career. Finally I had found a method that resonated with me and how I view training .I am now passionate about introducing other’s to this amazing concept: one that works, gently and reliably and stays with your dog throughout their lives. In August 2017, I attended a practical workshop in canine First Aid and CPR. If you would like to talk to me about how the Life Skills concept can ensure you and your puppy get the very best, up to date, based in science training,  please contact me.