The Life Skills course is rooted in behavioural science and is designed to produce a well behaved puppy and dog, rather than a well trained one. It is based around the newly published book and theory by Dr Helen Zulch and Professor Daniel Mills: Life Skills for Puppies. I have received comprehensive training in delivering this course from the course developers Helen, Daniel and their colleagues based at Lincoln University. Your puppy’s welfare is front and centre of this course and it is stage and age appropriate. The course provides your puppy with the skills to cope with the challenges and every day living : Life Skills.The course lasts seven weeks, once a week and is designed for puppies  from just after their initial vaccination, around 10 weeks with an upper age limit of 20 weeks. Because it is based on behavioural science the period of 10 to 20 weeks is critical in puppies development. The course includes a copy of the book: Life Skills for Puppies and all supporting literature.                          Maximum class size is 6 puppies.Exercises are based around the key skills :

  • I have confidence
  • I like surprises
  • I like to be touched
  • I have self control and can tolerate frustration
  • I know the rules
  • I can be calm
  • I can listen
  • I have good manners
  • I can make the right choices
  • I am allowed to be a dog.
  • You and your puppy will have fun and enjoyment whilst the classes cover
  • Advise on house training, mouthing and exercise
  • Being able to settle
  • Paying attention to you and coming when called
  • Walking on a loose lead and the position sit, stand and down
  • Having good manners around other dogs and people
  • Being comfortable with handling such as the vets and groomers
  • Playing games and learning new tricks.

The seven week course costs £90 and pre booking is essential