Having reared litters for over 15 years, I know better than most, the preparation involved before you even collect your puppy. Approving my owners after an initial enquiry and a lengthy visit to ensure they have everything they need to set them and pup up for success is essential. It is second nature to me to know what research, considerations, resources, equipment and visits to see litters are needed BEFORE you even bring puppy home .A successful, relaxed, seamless transition from pups first home to yours is my aim.


This may be the most important step you take before bringing your puppy home. The hour long, relaxed session takes place in your home and helps you and your family prepare for the important commitment of owning a puppy. We will discuss how to ensure puppy will live in harmony with you from the outset. We will talk about  how to give your  puppy the very best possible start in those early, important weeks that are  so vital in shaping it’s adulthood.

We will discuss:

The right dog for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Breed Vs Cross breed

Puppy Vs rescue

How to find excellent, knowledgeable, reliable breeders.

Questions to ask the breeder

( I offer accompanied visits to the breeder if you wish, as an impartial pair of eyes)

How to prepare for your new arrival: equipment. Puppy proofing your home, resources and books

Puppy behaviour to expect in the early weeks and how to deal with it

Socialisation: How to develop a puppy that can take life in its stride

Introducing  puppy to your own or other dogs.

This single advisory session costs £45 daytime and £50 evening within a ten mile radius of my home. Sessions further afield are available, petrol costs will be taken into account.

Accompanied visits to litters prior to choosing can be arranged, costs to be discussed.